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Homeopathy Classes – helping you to help yourself

homeopathy classes in Leeds with Jacqueline Beattie

Are you interested in learning more about homeopathy?

I run homeopathy workshops and short courses based in Leeds (see below for details). I am an experienced teacher of homeopathy and love to see how people become engaged with this fascinating subject. This was how I first found out about homeopathy over 20 years ago!

The workshops include ‘An Introduction to Homeopathy’; ‘Homeopathy in Pregnancy and Childbirth’ and ‘Homeopathy for Babies and Children’.

Homeopathy is a complementary medicine and so has a different approach to understanding health and illness to conventional medicine. For example, while the conventional medical approach is to give everyone with the same disease the same medicine in homeopathy treating the individual is one of the central principles – three people with earache would most likely be given three different homeopathic remedies according to their symptoms. This alternative philosophy can take some time to understand and absorb.

To get you started, I recommend the following books:

‘The Complete Homeopathy Handbook’
by Miranda Castro – this is the book used on my courses.

‘Homeopathy for Mothers and Babies’
by Miranda Castro.

‘Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines’
by Stephen Cummings and Dana Ullman.

All three books are suitable for the lay user – they are in depth enough so as not to over simplify everyday homeopathic care, but easy to follow, and full of useful advice.

The courses give you the chance to learn about homeopathy in more depth – to have your individual questions answered by a practicing homeopath, to learn from others in the group, and to hear real life cases. You also have the opportunity - if you wish - to begin to safely use homeopathic remedies under the supervision of a homeopath.

‘Introduction to Homeopathy’ courses

These are either 6 week courses (12 hours) or two day courses and you will learn the basic principles of homeopathy, including looking at the mind-body connection, treating the whole person and treating the individual not the disease. You will also find out about some of the homeopathic remedies that are commonly used. You will be taught the basics of how to use homeopathy safely and effectively for all the family in simple first aid situations and everyday ailments.

Please contact me or call me on 0113 274 7063 for more information. I look forward to hearing from you.